Meet Sassy Showpiecez - Let's Begin With Just an Appetizer!💞

Welcome to my website!

Sassy Showpiecez has graphic designs, accessories, and all of your needs simplified!

During my undergraduate education, I studied and received one of my degrees in Public Relations. Since then, I have loved utilizing technology to create graphic designs, websites, digital presentations, social media images, flyers, and more.  I have also always enjoyed making graphic videos for years and it has become one of my hobbies.  In addition, I like putting together projects and making various crafts. So, I decided to create Sassy Showpiecez to indulge in my passions. lets you shop from the comfort of your own home, utilizing our online store. Your vision, along with my creativity, allows me to create your custom products. Each custom design is always made with love and a little bit of sassiness!

I am always honored by you wearing and/or positively displaying my Sassy Showpiecez graphic creations. I like when you post a picture and give a shout out on social media to support my small business. I also love to have new referrals.

That's just a little taste of Sassy Showpiecez. Now that you have had your appetizer, let's move on to the main course. However, the dessert will be everything that you need. Remember, you can have what ever you want at SASSY SHOWPIECEZ!



   - Lisa Winston